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Our Services


Brake System Repair

At Tlex Auto Service, we specialize in comprehensive brake system repair. Our expert technicians ensure your vehicle's braking system is in optimal condition, guaranteeing both safety and performance on the road.

Tires Repair & Replacement

Maintain the grip and handling of your car with our professional tires repair and replacement services. Whether it's a tire puncture, tread wear, or alignment issues, we are equipped to address all your tire-related concerns with efficiency and precision.

Engine Diagnostic & Repair 

Count on us for reliable engine repair solutions tailored to the specific needs of your vehicle. With our industry-certified expertise, we diagnose and repair engine issues to restore optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Car Battery Repair & Replacement

Ensure your car starts reliably every time with our car battery repair and replacement services. From diagnosing battery health to installing high-quality replacements, we cover all aspects to keep your vehicle powered up.

Cooling System
Repair & AC Repair

Safeguard your engine from overheating with our cooling system repair services. We address coolant leaks, radiator issues, and thermostat malfunctions to maintain the ideal operating temperature of your vehicle's engine.


Experience smooth and balanced driving with our precise wheel alignment services. Using advanced equipment, we ensure that your wheels are aligned to manufacturer specifications for improved handling and tire longevity.

General Maintenance

At Tlex Auto Service, we take pride in offering general maintenance without the upsells. We focus on what your car truly needs, providing honest assessments and transparent recommendations. Our goal is to keep your vehicle in top condition while helping you save on unnecessary expenses.

Fuel System

Optimize fuel efficiency and engine performance with our specialized fuel system repair solutions. From fuel injector cleaning to addressing fuel pump issues, we deliver thorough diagnostics and precise repairs to keep your vehicle running efficiently.

Fluid Flush 

Trust our skilled technicians to perform general maintenance and diagnose on transmission. In rare cases we replace transmissions and make referrals for transmission overhaul. 

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